California police force monitors chicks in hawks nest

CLOVIS, Calif. (AP) — A Central California police department is keeping a close eye on some new residents who are definitely a flight risk.

Clovis police have been using social media to post video of the progress of red-tailed hawk chicks in a nest on the Old Town Clovis Water Tower, a landmark since 1913.

In between posts about crime and community events such as the Clovis Rodeo, police videos have shown the chicks being fed by their parents, noted the darkening of the chicks’ original fluffy white coloring and their efforts to begin flapping their wings.

The department told viewers there’s no webcam to watch the nest. Instead, police are sharing videos from a camera they normally use to monitor Old Town.

Clovis is about 220 miles (354 kilometers) northwest of Los Angeles.

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