California police: New DNA test solves 2nd cold case murder

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Northern California authorities say they have solved a second 1970s-era murder connected to the same suspect with the same advanced DNA testing used to crack the so-called Golden State Killer.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday deputies arrested 75-year-old John Arthur Getreau on suspicion of sexually assaulting and strangling 21-year-old Janet Ann Taylor in March 1974.

Getreu was already in custody in Santa Clara County where he was arrested and charged last year with sexually assaulting and strangling 21-year-old Leslie Perlov in 1973.

Getreu was arrested in both cases after investigators sent DNA samples stored with the evidence to the same publicly available DNA database access to arrest alleged serial killer Joseph DeAngelo. The results were connected to a Getreu family member that led investigators to the suspect.

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