Chief: Probe finds racially divided Detroit police precinct

DETROIT (AP) — Detroit’s police chief says the department has fired a second white officer as part of an internal investigation that found racial insensitivity within one of its precincts.

The investigation was launched after one of the officers, Gary Steele, posted video on Snapchat during which he said “priceless” and “bye Felicia” as a 23-year-old black woman walked away because her car was stopped for having expired plates. The video had captions that read “What black girl magic looks like” and “celebrating Black History Month.”

Steele was fired a few weeks ago. Police Chief James Craig announced Tuesday that Steele’s partner, Michael Garrison, has also been fired after investigators found he had “repeatedly demonstrated disturbing actions while on the job,” including making disturbing comments about blacks and other minorities.

Craig says the audit revealed some officers in the 6th Precinct “felt the environment contained facets of racial insensitivities.”

The police union didn’t immediately reply to a phone message seeking comment.

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