Closing arguments begin for 2nd defendant in boy’s killing

CHICAGO (AP) — Attorneys are making their closing arguments in the trial of a man suspected of luring a 9-year-old Chicago boy into an alley with the promise juice box and shooting him to death.

Prosecutors contend that Dwright Boone-Doty and fellow gang member Corey Morgan planned the November 2015 slaying of Tyshawn Lee before Boone-Doty took a gun Morgan gave him and shot the boy.

Prosecutors said tests revealed that Boone-Doty’s DNA was on the basketball found near the boy’s body and they played a tape of Boone-Doty bragging to another jail inmate that he’d killed the boy.

But Boone-Doty’s lawyer tried to cast doubt on the DNA evidence and dismissed the tape, saying that Boone-Doty was lying to the other inmate to make himself look tough.

Earlier in the day, attorneys gave closing arguments to the separate jury that will decide Morgan’s fate before that jury began deliberations.

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