Closings in US drug trial of Honduran president’s brother

NEW YORK (AP) — A prosecutor has told a jury at the closing of a drug trial that the brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez created “state-sponsored” drug trafficking by corrupting the country’s politics to protect drug dealers.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Emil Bove in New York made the allegation Wednesday as he asked a jury to convict Antonio Hernandez of drug conspiracy and weapons charges.

A defense lawyer warned jurors not to be swayed by the prosecution’s “shock and awe” presentation that included machine guns and testimony from five turncoat witnesses he described as “liars, losers and murderers.”

The closings capped a two-week trial. Hernandez is accused of using his government connections to smuggle U.S.-bound cocaine through Honduras.

Defense attorney Michael Tein says jurors should find his client not guilty.

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