CNN: Anchor promptly made on-air correction about Arpaio

PHOENIX (AP) — Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio alleges in a defamation lawsuit that CNN made no effort to correct anchor Chris Cuomo’s erroneous statement that the lawman was a convicted felon.

But CNN says in a statement Thursday that Cuomo corrected his error within minutes of making it on Jan. 10.

Arpaio says the correction has no bearing on the case.

CNN says an online companion story about Arpaio didn’t contain Cuomo’s correction, though it has been updated to include the on-air correction and a written preface that points out Cuomo rectified the error during the same show.

CNN says if it had known of the oversight in the digital posting it would have corrected it immediately.

Arpaio filed the lawsuit Monday against CNN and two other news organizations.

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