Collapsing California cliff claims 3 lives

ENCINITAS, Calif. (AP) — A popular Southern California surfing beach is closed after a sea cliff collapsed, sending tons of sandstone onto beachgoers and killing three people.

The cliff near Grandview Beach in the Encinitas area is still considered unstable, although clifftop homes are said to be in no immediate danger.

Authorities say a 30-foot-long slab of the cliff collapsed Friday afternoon. Rescuers rushed to dig out victims, but a woman died at the scene and two more succumbed at hospitals.

Two other people also were injured. All were adults.

Dogs and heavy equipment were brought in to search for other victims, but none were found.

Authorities say cliffs in the area are subject to natural erosion. Several people have been killed or injured over the years in bluff collapses.

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