Corruption claims, mailbox send Hawaii power couple to trial

HONOLULU (AP) — Louis Kealoha was Honolulu’s Rolex-wearing police chief and his wife, Katherine, was the Maserati-driving prosecutor in charge of an elite unit targeting career criminals.

For years, they were at the apex of Honolulu law enforcement and lived in a swanky house near an exclusive country club.

Both emerged from humble roots and enjoyed widespread respect as Native Hawaiian role models until the mailbox outside their home disappeared in 2013 and precipitated their downfall.

Prosecutors say the couple funded a lavish lifestyle by defrauding banks, relatives and children.

They’re heading to trial next month on charges they orchestrated the framing of a relative for a mailbox theft because he threatened to expose their fraud.

Both say they are innocent in the scandal characterized as the largest corruption case in Hawaii history.

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