‘Crazy Rich Asians’ draws immigrant parents to the movies

When “Crazy Rich Asians” surpassed expectations and grabbed the top spot at the box office in its opening weekend, the film also pulled off another surprising feat: It put Asians of a certain age in theater seats.

Younger Asian-Americans have been flocking with their parents to see the first movie in 25 years with an all-Asian cast.

For many older, first-generation Asian immigrants, going to the movies doesn’t rank high under hobbies and interests. The crowds, the language barrier and the seemingly crazy expensive ticket prices are often turn-offs.

But the appeal of “Crazy Rich Asians,” the story of the culture clash that erupts when an Asian-American woman from New York meets her boyfriend’s family in Singapore, has bridged a real-life generation gap.

The romantic comedy has earned more than $40 million since its Aug. 15 release.

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