Democratic contenders bash Fox News on Fox News

NEW YORK (AP) — Julian Castro is the latest Democratic presidential contender to follow the trend of criticizing Fox News Channel while appearing on the network for a town hall.

The former Housing secretary’s scolding of Fox on Thursday for its coverage of Hillary Clinton was mild compared to recent attacks by Pete Buttigieg (BOO’-tah-juhj) and Kirsten Gillibrand. But it drew an answer from moderator Bret Baier.

The exchanges illustrate the strong feelings that Fox generates among many Democrats for its conservative commentators, and the pressures faced by presidential contenders who choose to engage with the network. The Democratic National Committee has said it won’t sponsor a debate on Fox, and Elizabeth Warren has refused an invitation to appear there.

Fox’s numbers have proven alluring, though. Its session with Bernie Sanders was the most-watched town hall so far this campaign.

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