Democrats lead Republicans on fundraising ahead of midterms

Democrats lead Republicans in the money race in key Senate and House campaigns three weeks ahead of midterm elections that will determine control of Congress.

That includes many Senate incumbents like Missouri’s Claire McCaskill and Montana’s Jon Tester, who have to run for re-election in states President Donald Trump dominated in 2016.

Yet McCaskill and Tester are far outpacing their GOP challengers in fundraising, and both of them boasted noteworthy support from small-level donors, according to the latest financial disclosures.

Republicans are still positioned to hold their narrow Senate majority.

National Democrats say more than 60 House candidates topped $1 million in fundraising for the third quarter of 2018. Several Democrats cleared the $2 million mark and a few exceeded $3 million.

Democrats need 23 more House seats for a majority.

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