Democrats unveil bill to restore ‘net neutrality’ rules

NEW YORK (AP) — Top Democrats in the House and Senate are announcing a new bill to restore the 2015 “net neutrality” rules that Trump-era regulators repealed .

The 2015 Federal Communications Commission regulation barred internet service providers like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast from playing favorites with websites and apps. A Republican-controlled FCC overturned the rules in 2017. Tech companies and nearly two dozen states then sued the FCC ; that case is still ongoing.

If the bill passed the Democratic-controlled House, it would face a tough challenge in the Senate, where Republicans have the majority. The White House also supported the repeal of the net neutrality rules in 2017.

Still, having the bill in play could highlight net neutrality as an issue as the 2020 campaigns get going.

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