Diplomat with unexplained injury to give brain for research

BOSTON (AP) — A U.S. diplomat who suffered headaches and memory loss under mysterious circumstances while stationed in China has pledged to donate his brain for research.

Mark Lenzi on Friday joined the several thousand others, including many former NFL players, who previously signed agreements to have their brains studied after they die by the CTE Center at Boston University.

A State Department security engineer, Lenzi was among diplomats evacuated last year from the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China.

Lenzi says he and his wife started hearing strange noises in their apartment in 2017, later developing symptoms consistent with concussion. He believes he was attacked by some sort of energy weapon, though does not blame China.

Earlier, U.S. officials said more than two dozen U.S. embassy workers in Cuba suffered as-yet-unexplained symptoms, including mild traumatic brain injury.

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