Divisive whistleblower is Ohio State doc’s loudest accuser

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Of the 150-plus men alleging two decades of sexual misconduct by a former Ohio State team doctor, ex-wrestler Mike DiSabato has been the loudest.

His allegations helped spur the investigation about the late Dr. Richard Strauss that the university announced last April. DiSabato contends he has been abused, betrayed by his alma mater and stifled by detractors in a web of connected woes.

The 50-year-old suburban Columbus man is an unapologetic pit bull about defending his claims and character. But that has alienated former allies and even recently landed him in jail before he got probation in a tangentially related harassment case.

DiSabato tells The Associated Press he doesn’t regret his approach.

Ohio State won’t comment about DiSabato but has said it’s grateful to alumni coming forward with allegations about Strauss.

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