Easier gambling has sports worried about fighting the fix

OCEANPORT, N.J. (AP) — Some pro and college sports are worried about games being fixed as legal sports gambling spreads in the United States. Supporters of legal betting say bringing it out of the shadows will make it easier to detect illegal activity.

Dozens of states are rushing to capitalize on the U.S. Supreme Court lifting a federal ban on sports gambling.

It’s a big issue especially for college athletes who are familiar with gambling and not paid directly to play their sports. The prospect of easy, legal access to sports gambling for athletes and others has many in sports concerned.

A 2016 NCAA survey of more than 22,000 college athletes found nearly one-fourth of male athletes had violated NCAA rules by gambling on sports within the previous year. When the survey was done, sports betting was available only in Nevada or illegally through offshore operators.

Bob Vecchione is head of the National Association of College Directors of Athletics. He says legal sports gambling was the No. 1 topic for every conference meeting this spring


Garcia-Cano reported from Las Vegas.


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