Employees sentenced for San Francisco toxic testing fraud

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Two supervisors for the company charged with cleaning up radiation at a former Navy shipyard in San Francisco are going to prison for falsifying test results.

Stephen Rolfe and Justin Hubbard each received eight-month sentences Wednesday for falsifying documents.

Prosecutors say they acknowledged switching clean dirt for contaminated soil for testing.

They worked for Tetra Tech, which was contracted by the Navy to clean up contamination at the former Hunters Point Shipyard. The site is being redeveloped as a 12,000-unit housing project.

A study last year found Tetra Tech had collected fraudulent and flawed data. The company acknowledged problems but said current work is sound.

Nearby residents filed a $27 billion lawsuit Tuesday accusing Tetra Tech of fraud and putting lives at risk. The company calls the suit baseless.

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