Families hoping for justice from prescription bribes trial

BOSTON (AP) — The trial of a drug company founder accused of scheming to bribe doctors into prescribing a powerful painkiller is putting a spotlight on the deadly opioid crisis.

Insys Therapeutics Inc. founder John Kapoor has said he committed no crimes and believes he will be vindicated at trial, which begins Monday in Boston’s federal court.

Kapoor and other former Insys employees are accused of conspiring to pay doctors bribes and kickbacks that were disguised as fees for speaking events.

Prosecutors have touted the case against Kapoor and other Insys executives as illustrative of their work to fight the drug epidemic.

Kapoor’s lawyers have blasted prosecutors for trying to tie the company to the drug abuse crisis. They note that the fentanyl spray makes up a small fraction of the prescription opioid market.

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