Fans visiting ‘Stranger Things’ sets bring boon to business

PALMETTO, Ga. (AP) — A small-town grocery store in Georgia has grown in popularity and sold more Eggo waffles than ever in recent years, thanks to Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

Fans of the ’80s sci-fi show have sought out filming locations such as the former Bradley’s Big Buy grocery store in Palmetto since the show premiered in 2016. The third season has prompted more fans to visit Georgia, benefiting local businesses.

According to Netflix, “Stranger Things 3” broke records for the streaming service. Within four days of release, 40.7 million accounts had started watching and 18.2 million had already finished it entirely.

Fans are dressing up as characters, reenacting scenes and taking photos at the grocery store, Gwinnett Place Mall and downtown Jackson.

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