Fighting breaks out in South Sudan 2 days after peace deal

JUBA, South Sudan (AP) — Fighting has broken out in South Sudan two days after the warring sides signed what the government called a “final final” peace agreement to end the civil war. Each side blames the other for the attacks.

Opposition spokesman Lam Paul Gabriel says clashes erupted Friday morning in Central Equatoria state when government troops stormed bases in Lainya and Kajo Keji counties.

“That means the regime is not serious about the peace,” Gabriel tells The Associated Press.

The government calls the accusations “propaganda.” Spokesman Lul Roai Koang says the attacks were instigated by opposition forces that emerged from hiding along the Ugandan border and were trying to reclaim territory.

South Sudan’s five-year civil war has killed untold tens of thousands of people and created more than 2 million refugees.

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