Filings from El Chapo trial show efforts to limit testimony

NEW YORK (AP) — Newly unsealed documents from the U.S. trial of the Mexican drug lord known as El Chapo detail efforts by prosecutors to keep out evidence damaging to their witnesses.

The government argued in the filings that Joaquin Guzman’s lawyers shouldn’t be allowed to cross-examine one cooperating witness about his beliefs in mysticism and claims he and Guzman had sex with minors.

It also sought to bar testimony about assertions by another witness that he was a double agent for the DEA.

Jurors never heard the claims at trial. But the judge agreed to unseal documents about them after it was over.

A request for comment was left with Guzman’s lawyers Friday. They have previously denied the sex crimes allegation.

Guzman was convicted Feb. 12 of drug and murder conspiracy.

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