Foreign leaders lavish Trump with diplomatic gifts

WASHINGTON (AP) — Foreign leaders showered President Donald Trump and his family with more than $140,000 in gifts during their first year in the White House, with China and Saudi Arabia among the most lavish givers.

According to the State Department’s annual accounting of such gifts, China’s president gave Trump and his wife the two most expensive presents in 2017. They were a calligraphy display worth $14,400 and a porcelain dinnerware set that includes plates imprinted with the pink house at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort worth $16,250.

The Saudis and Gulf Arab states gave at least $24,120 in gifts to the Trumps. Those included a $6,400 pendant necklace from the Saudi king and a gold-plated fighter jet model worth $4,850 from Bahrain’s crown prince.

All gifts were turned over to the National Archives.

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