Former AP civil rights reporter Kathryn Johnson dies

Kathryn Johnson, a trailblazing reporter for The Associated Press, has died. Her intrepid coverage of the civil rights movement and other major stories led to a string of legendary scoops. She was 93.

Her niece, Rebecca Winters, says Johnson died Wednesday morning in Atlanta. Johnson was the only journalist allowed inside Martin Luther King Jr.’s home the day he was assassinated. When Gov. George Wallace blocked black students from entering the University of Alabama, she sneaked in to cover his confrontation with federal officials. She scored exclusive interviews with 2nd Lt. William L. Calley Jr. before he was convicted of his role in the My Lai massacre.

Johnson overcame sexism to get a reporting job. Her career spanned from the era of reporters racing each other to pay phones to the birth of 24-hour cable television news.

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