Fraudster on trial for alleged scheme over his real identity

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — The trial is underway in Fargo in the federal case of a man who six years ago was convicted in a massive credit card scheme and now is accused of lying about his own identity.

Adekunle Adetiloye was sentenced in 2012 to 18 years in prison for what authorities called high-tech bank robbery that cost banks millions of dollars. The case wound up in North Dakota because U.S. Bank, one of the victims, is based in Fargo.

Prosecutors say they later discovered that his real name is Michael Adeyemo. They say he created a fictional version of himself and used that to successfully argue for a lesser sentence.

Defense attorneys say prosecutors are trying to re-litigate the original case because they wanted a sentence of 20 years or more.

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