Gassy cows are bad for the planet; could seaweed diet help?

A New England-based aquaculture company is launching a drive to become the worldwide leader in an emerging effort to thwart climate change by feeding seaweed to cows.

The concept of reducing livestock emissions by using seaweed as feed is the subject of ongoing scientific research.

University of California researchers have found that cows that eat seaweed appear to emit less methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

One of the challenges of implementing the seaweed solution is getting enough of the stuff to farmers. One kind of seaweed that has shown results in cows isn’t commercially farmed.

Australis Aquaculture of Greenfield, Massachusetts, is in the midst of research at facilities in Vietnam and Portugal that is part of its push to become the first farm to produce the seaweed at commercial scale.

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