Georgia election officials investigate prominent critics

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia’s top election official is investigating two prominent critics of the state’s new touchscreen voting machines.

Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger’s office confirmed the investigation into Marilyn Marks and Richard DeMillo on Wednesday. Marks is the executive director of the Coalition for Good Governance and DeMillo is a cybersecurity expert and Georgia Tech professor.

They’re accused of “interfering with voters by being in unauthorized areas” of voting locations while observing pilot elections conducted on the new machines on Nov. 5.

Marks says it’s a baseless attempt to discredit them.

Raffensperger spokesman Walter Jones says the investigation was launched after complaints from “poll workers and voters.”

Georgia is replacing its heavily scrutinized paperless voting machines with new touchscreen machines that print a paper ballot.

Marks and DeMillo are among detractors who say the new machines can’t be effectively audited.

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