Giant emojis painted on house roil California community

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California seaside community is in an uproar after a home was given a new paint job featuring two huge emojis on a bright pink background.

Manhattan Beach residents railed against the makeover during a City Council meeting Tuesday night, citing problems with spectators.

One speaker called the paint job graffiti and another said it was an attack on neighbors.

Both bright yellow emojis are cross-eyed and have distinctly big eyelashes.

One has a goofy expression with its tongue hanging out. The other has its mouth zippered shut.

The new paint job appeared after neighbors reported the home was being used for short-term rentals and the homeowner was fined $4,000.

Owner Kathryn Kidd told KABC-TV she didn’t realize short-term rentals weren’t allowed and she denies the redecoration is retaliation.

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