Gift Guide: Some tech gadgets that actually fill a real need

NEW YORK (AP) — Sometimes, it feels as though tech companies are making products to fill a need that’s not really there.

Occasionally, a product breaks though.

The latest Apple Watch, for instance, has several features that will be useful to elderly and less-active people. That includes built-in EKG sensors so you can share detailed heart readings with your doctor without visiting a clinic. The “Series 4” watch starts at $399.

Amazon has a digital video recorder aimed at cable cord-cutters. You can drop your regular cable service, while retaining the ability to time-delay viewing of over-the-air channels. You can watch recordings on your TV, Amazon’s Echo Show or an app on the go. The Fire TV Recast starts at $230. You’ll want a separate streaming device, starting at $40, for full functionality.

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