Google Pixel 3 phone aims to automate more daily tasks

NEW YORK (AP) — Google’s new Pixel 3 phone merely plays catch-up with Apple and Samsung on hardware. But it showcases Google’s advances in software, particularly in artificial intelligence.

Google seeks to help you manage daily life, from screening unwanted phone calls to predicting what you’ll type. The software underscores how Google is tapping its strengths in personalization — and perhaps making money in the process.

As impressive as Google’s ambitions are, though, artificial intelligence is still new at the job of saving us from meaningless tasks. Real progress might not come until an eventual Pixel 7 or Pixel 13. The Pixel 3, out Thursday starting at about $800, is for those who can’t wait.

Personalization is front and center with the Pixel 3. It’s for those already comfortable with trading privacy for convenience.

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