GOP “seawall”? Ohio’s congressional map under fire in court

CINCINNATI (AP) — The Nagel family’s home in Cincinnati is a house divided.

That’s because the U.S. House district boundary cuts through it. Critics of Ohio’s congressional map say the Nagel home is one of many examples of problems with Republican-controlled redistricting that has confused voters and produced purely partisan results — not a single seat has changed parties since the map took effect for 2012 elections.

A three-judge panel could rule soon on arguments that Ohio’s map is unconstitutional. A panel in Michigan ruled Thursday in favor of a similar challenge to that state’s congressional and legislative maps. The cases could result in new districts for 2020 elections that would have implications for the presidential contest.

Defenders say the map shows “democracy in action,” and courts should stay out. The Supreme Court is considering similar cases from two other states.

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