Gunman told 911 ‘I just shot up a synagogue’ after attack

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Prosecutors say a gunman who killed a woman and wounded three at a Southern California synagogue called 911 as he sped away in his car and said “I just shot up a synagogue” because “the Jewish people are destroying the white race.”

The chilling revelations were detailed in a federal affidavit as federal officials filed 109 federal hate crime and other charges against 19-year-old John T. Earnest on Thursday in the attack at the Chabat of Poway synagogue last month in a San Diego suburb.

Prosecutors will decide later whether to seek the death penalty.

Earnest already pleaded not guilty to state murder and attempted murder charges. In a separate case, he also pleaded not guilty to a charge tied to starting a fire at a nearby mosque.

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