‘Happy thoughts’ helped lost California girls survive ordeal

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Two girls who were lost in a dense Northern California forest for nearly two days say they survived frigid nights by huddling together under a tree branch and a huckleberry bush and by thinking “happy thoughts.”

Eight-year-old Leia Carrico and 5-year-old Caroline Carrico told ABC News in an interview Monday they went on a hike last Friday because they wanted an adventure but lost their way home.

Leia says her sister cried the entire first night and she told her to think happy thoughts.

Leia says she kept watch both nights and thought about a family vacation.

Two volunteer firefighters found the girls Sunday in a wooded area about 1½ miles (2.3 kilometers) from their home in the small community of Benbow, about 200 miles (320 kilometers) northwest of Sacramento.

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