Hawaii weighs nation’s first statewide ban on e-cig flavors

HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii is considering a new crackdown on nicotine.

The first state to limit tobacco and electronic cigarette sales to people over the age of 21 may outlaw sales of flavored tobacco and electronic cigarette liquids like Maui Mango and Cookie Monsta.

Hawaii would be the first state to adopt such a ban under a bill before the state Legislature. San Francisco was the first city to do so. The current version of Hawaii’s proposal exempts menthol.

Supporters aim to make e-cigarettes less alluring to teenagers as studies show more high school and middle school students are getting addicted to nicotine through vaping.

Opponents say adult smokers of traditional cigarettes vape to reduce or quit smoking. They say they’ll go back to traditional cigarettes if flavor is banned.

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