Health system offering DNA test for 10,000 Floridians

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — An operator of hospitals and doctors’ clinics in Florida is partnering with a private genomics company to offer free DNA testing to 10,000 Floridians.

Starting Wednesday, researchers at AdventHealth in Orlando will offer a DNA test that screens for an inherited condition that can lead to high cholesterol and heart attacks if left untreated.

Participants who screen positive will get counseling and be put in touch with a cardiologist — all for no charge.

A similar program in Nevada involving the same genomics company, Helix, has enrolled 30,000 participants.

AdventHealth researchers say data from the $2 million program also will be used for research purposes.

Stanford University biomedical ethicist Mildred Cho warns participants need to be aware their data will be used for purposes other than their direct health care.

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