High heat but no record: 2018 was 4th warmest year on Earth

WASHINGTON (AP) — A new analysis shows that while Earth was a tad cooler last year than the last couple of years, it was still the fourth warmest year on record.

With the partial U.S. government shutdown, federal calculations for last year’s temperatures are delayed. But independent scientists at Berkeley Earth calculate it at 58.93 degrees (14.96 degrees Celsius).

That’s about 1.39 degrees (0.77 degrees Celsius) warmer than the average from 1951 to 1980.

Berkeley Earth climate scientist Zeke Hausfather said it’s likely that other temperature measuring groups weigh in they will agree that it was the fourth hottest year since record-keeping started in 1850.

The Japanese Meteorological Agency has already calculated that it was the fourth warmest year.

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