High schooler’s graduation speech accuses staff of neglect

SAN DIEGO (AP) — High school graduation speeches are usually full of praise for teachers and officials.

So it was more than a little unusual last week when a Southern California school valedictorian sarcastically thanked them for making her self-sufficient by doing nothing to help her.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports San Ysidro High senior Nataly Buhr initially thanked parents, friends and some teachers.

Then she thanked a school counselor for teaching her to fend for herself by never being available and the main office staff for not informing her of scholarships until a day before the deadline.

Buhr also thanked a teacher she said was regularly intoxicated for being an example of “the dangers of alcoholism.”

The district says Buhr’s speech didn’t follow her pre-approved version and was inappropriate.

But Buhr’s mother said she couldn’t be prouder.

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