Home break-ins by black bears surge in Connecticut suburbs

CANTON, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut environmental officials say the state’s bears are getting bolder.

A wildlife biologist with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says there have been about two dozen reports this year of bears breaking into Connecticut homes and businesses, about four times the yearly average.

Paul Rego says many of the 800 or so black bears that now live in the state have very little fear of human interaction.

He suggests the state needs to allow a hunt, to keep the population under control and to help imprint on the bears that interacting with humans is a bad thing.

A study released last year by the University of Connecticut showed the bears are actually choosing to make their homes near people. They find perfect living conditions in what are known as ex-urban areas, where there are plenty of woods, but also homes every acre or two, providing access to those easy food sources such as those trash bags and bird feeders.

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