Iconic Sky Bar, once thought gone forever, is coming back

SUDBURY, Mass. (AP) — An iconic candy bar that many fans thought was gone forever when the New England Confectionary Co. closed its doors last year is coming back.

Louise Mawhinney, owner of a Duck Soup, a gourmet food store in Sudbury, Massachusetts, said Thursday she had won an online auction for the rights to the Sky Bar.

The Sky Bar, introduced in 1938, is divided into four sections each filled with a different flavor — caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge.

Mawhinney says she was dismayed at the demise of Sky Bar and “stunned” to learn she had won the auction. The winning bid was not disclosed.

She is working with Jeff Green, a 33-year Necco veteran and the former vice president of research and development, to start small-batch production of the Sky Bar.

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