In acclaimed ‘Diane,’ a film critic goes behind the camera

NEW YORK (AP) — As an esteemed film critic and director of the New York Film Festival, Kent Jones’ perch is the film world is a rarified one. But he has long harbored a dream beyond his day job. He doesn’t just want to write about and curate movies. He wants to make them.

In an interview, Jones says it’s where he’s “always been aimed.”

His first fiction feature, “Diane,” has drawn some of the warmest reviews of the year. Last year, it won three awards at the Tribeca Film Festival, including best narrative film. “Diane,” executive produced by Martin Scorsese, opens in limited release Friday.

The 58-year-old previously made a handful of documentaries, including ones on the B-movie producer Val Lewton and the famed conversations of Alfred Hitchcock and Francois Truffaut.

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