In ‘Solo,’ a battle for the soul, and tone, of ‘Star Wars’

CANNES, France (AP) — “Star Wars” screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan says the director upheaval during the making of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” was principally over the tone of the Han Solo spinoff.

Directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord were fired mid-production and replaced with Ron Howard. Though the pace and improvisational manner of Lord and Miller’s direction was part of the clash, the main issue was, simply, the comedic tenor of the movie.

Lord and Miller, the filmmaking duo of irreverent, highly meta comedies like “21 Jump Street” and “The Lego Movie,” wanted to push “Solo” into “Guardians of the Galaxy” territory. Kasdan, the revered writer of “The Empire Strike Back” and “The Return of the Jedi,” did not.

In an interview, Kasdan says you can have fun in a “Star Wars” movie, but you can’t “make fun of” a “Star Wars” movie.

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