In the US, interest in Britain’s next royal birth is mixed

NEW YORK (AP) — Gwynne Wilcox jokingly calls herself a duchess because she celebrates all things Meghan Markle. And her interest hasn’t waned since the American actress wed Prince Harry last May.

While some U.S. admirers lost interest after the nuptials, plenty are still hanging on every tidbit about the upcoming birth of her first child.

Is it the Markle sparkle? Diana trickle-down? The days and days of drool-worthy designer maternity outfits? For Wilcox, it has a lot to do with race.

Wilcox is African-American and the Duchess of Sussex is of mixed heritage. Wilcox says the world can’t wait to see what her first child, whether earl or lady, will look like.

Other Americans don’t understand the pull of the British monarchy, regardless of Markle’s U.S. connection.

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