Iran minister: Trump’s aim is talks, Bolton wants conflict

NEW YORK (AP) — Iran’s foreign minister says President Donald Trump’s aim “is to bring us to our knees to talk” — but national security adviser John Bolton and U.S. allies in the Mideast want “regime change” and the “disintegration of Iran.”

Mohammad Javad Zarif said he doubts Trump wants conflict, but what he called “the B team” of Bolton, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Saudi and Abu Dhabi crown princes is trying to push Iran into measures that would be a pretext for “crazy” and “adventurous” actions.

He told the Asia Society Wednesday that “it’s not a crisis yet, but it’s a dangerous situation, adding: “Accidents, plotted accidents are possible.”

Zarif warned if the U.S. tries to prevent Iran from selling oil, it must be prepared “for the consequences.”

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