Jimmy Page’s dragon guitar reborn after 50 years on ice

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jimmy Page’s dragon has re-emerged from its lair.

Fender instruments Wednesday revealed its recreation of a Telecaster guitar that Page once painted with a dragon, a long-lost piece of six-string history that marked the guitar hero’s last days in the Yardbirds and first days in Led Zeppelin.

Fender craftsman Paul Waller, who worked with Page to reboot the dragon, says it represents “a pivotal moment for the guitar and for music.”

The original had been a cherished gift that fellow guitar hero Jeff Beck had given to Page, who perfected it with his poster-paint dragon in a burst of inspiration.

But then a clueless house-sitter painted over the dragon as a “gift” to Page. He was so angry he stripped it bare and put it in storage for 50 years.

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