Jury finds Mongols motorcycle club guilty of racketeering

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A federal jury has found the Mongols motorcycle club guilty of racketeering and conspiracy, opening the way for the government to seize its trademarked logo.

Jurors in Orange County ruled Thursday against the Mongol Nation, the entity that owns the image of a Mongol warrior on a motorcycle.

The government argued the Southern California-based group is a criminal enterprise that commits drug trafficking and murder. Prosecutors now will seek to seize control of the club’s trademark. That would keep members from putting the cherished patch on their jackets.

Prosecutors say they want to strip the club of its identity and hence its allure.

Defense attorney Joseph Yanny argued that the club doesn’t tolerate criminal activity and kicks out bad members. He’s said the club will fight to keep its trademark.

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