Latest sex accusation against Trump lands with a thud

Nearly a week after the latest sexual misconduct accusation against President Donald Trump, the story has largely landed with a thud.

Some see the muted response to author E. Jean Carroll’s accusation as the latest example of the divisive Politics of Trump: Either you support him or you don’t.

Larry Sabato, who directs the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, says Trump continues to be “exempt from the rules” that govern American politics.

He says Trump’s poll numbers haven’t changed much since the day he got elected.

After more than a dozen women came forward during Trump’s 2016 campaign with allegations of sexual misconduct years earlier, Trump called the women “liars.”

In denying Carroll’s accusation, Trump said she was “not my type.”


AP writers Kali Robinson and AP video journalist Padmanda Rama contributed to this report from Washington.

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