Lawsuits filed over St. Louis police ‘kettling’ practice

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Several people arrested in a police “kettle” during a 2017 protest in St. Louis are suing the city, police officers and their supervisors.

Federal lawsuits were filed Monday on behalf of 14 people arrested during a downtown protest on Sept. 17, 2017. The protest was among several that followed the acquittal of white former police officer Jason Stockley in the shooting death of a black suspect.

A kettle involves police forming lines and encircling protesters when crowds become unruly. The practice has drawn objections from those who say it ensnares innocent people who cannot escape and subjects them to rough treatment and unnecessary detention.

Two people who were pepper-sprayed during a separate protest at City Hall also filed lawsuits.

St. Louis City Counselor Julian Bush on Tuesday declined comment.

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