Lawyer: Iraqi refugees removing tethers to avoid deportation

DETROIT (AP) — An attorney representing Iraqi refugees says some in Michigan are removing GPS tethers to evade immigration officials and deportation before their court cases are heard.

Detroit-based lawyer Shanta Driver tells The Detroit News that at least seven Iraqi nationals have removed tethers in Michigan over the past month. Driver is the national chair of By Any Means Necessary, a civil and immigration rights group.

The ACLU of Michigan has argued in federal court against repatriation to Iraq because refugees face torture or death because of their Christian faith, for having served in the U.S. military or for seeking U.S. asylum.

The newspaper reports the men are being deported for crimes the government believes violate U.S. immigration laws.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say removing tethers can lead to federal charges.


Information from: The Detroit News,

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