Lawyer says client did nothing to warrant police stun gun

GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) — An attorney for an Arizona man in an excessive force lawsuit against three officers says his client did nothing to provoke authorities to repeatedly shock him with a stun gun.

Marc Victor said Monday that Johnny Wheatcroft was compliant and it was “egregious” that Glendale police did nothing to stop the abuse.

Wheatcroft was a passenger during a July 2017 traffic stop.

Body camera footage posted by Victor shows officers used a stun gun several times on the then-37-year-old after he questioned having to provide identification.

An officer is also heard saying Wheatcroft’s wife, Anya Chapman, hit another officer in the head.

Chapman pleaded guilty to an assault charge in the case.

Glendale police are expected to make a statement Monday.

The city is also named in the lawsuit.

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