Lawyer to file newspaper notice for wrongful death lawsuit

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The lawyer for the mother of a missing Maine toddler is running a legal notice in a newspaper for a wrongful death lawsuit against the child’s father.

The Morning Sentinel reports the notice for Justin DiPietro will be published Tuesday, April 9 and 16.

Attorney William Childs says he will also place legal notices in the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan News and send a copy to DiPietro’s last known address in California.

Childs says efforts to find DiPietro have been unsuccessful.

DiPietro has to file an answer in court within 41 days of the newspaper notice.

He reported then-20-month-old Ayla Reynolds missing in 2011 in Waterville. A judge declared her legally dead in 2017.

Reynolds has blamed DiPietro for Ayla’s death. The body hasn’t been found and no charges have been filed.

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