Lawyer: Uber driver killed passenger in self-defense

DENVER (AP) — A lawyer for an Uber driver charged with first-degree murder in Denver says he shot a passenger in self-defense after the man touched, punched and pulled his hair as he was speeding down an interstate.

In opening arguments in Michael Hancock’s trial Tuesday, Johnna Stuart told jurors that Hancock urged a dispatcher to send help to save 45-year-old Hyun (Huhn) Kim after he shot him on Interstate 25 in June 2018 after an extended ride. She played the chaotic 911 call as Hancock looked down with a pained expression as his relatives and friends cried.

But prosecutor Philip Reinert said Hancock intended to kill him. He pointed out that Hancock jumped out of the car and fired 10 bullets down at Kim as he remained seated inside, with at least five hitting him.


The story has been updated to correct the spelling of Philip Reinert’s name.

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