Life is rough at hurricane-ravaged motel of last resort

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) — A rough life is getting even rougher for dozens of people living at a Florida motel ripped apart by Hurricane Michael a week ago.

There’s still no power at the American Quality Lodge in Panama City, where residents huddle under makeshift tents and in breezeways to escape the midday sun.

Some of the survivors lived at the low-rent motel before Michael; others simply moved in, seeking some kind of shelter after the storm.

Nighttime brings relief from the heat, but also brings the threat of looters, who residents say have stolen their money, jewelry, food and even rain-soaked clothes.

Joe Donahue works for a company that was taking over management of the motel as Michael struck. He says he doesn’t mind people staying there for now. He’s even been driving store-to-store in search of water and essentials.

People have nowhere else to go, a situation he calls “a nightmare.”

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